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In this course we will explore how algebra and algebraic equations can be applied in real world, career based situations.  This class will look at state and national standards and apply them with a hands on approach as we use critical thinking and problem solving skills to tackle mathematical problems. Students will use classroom materials and the ALEKS math program to be able to understand and interpret mathematical concepts.

This yearlong class will focus on the fundamentals of algebra.  This course will cover:


  • Data analysis
  • One and two step algebraic equations
  • Coordinate graphing
  • Linear equations
  • nonlinear equations
  • logical reasoning



The aim of the class is to give the student a solid mathematical base in algebra to work from to enable quicker and easier mathematical manipulations both inside of and outside of the classroom. The students will learn the skills to logically solve problems, manipulate algebraic expressions, graphically display and understand data, and apply these skills to analyze real life situations.

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