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Option 1: Complete the worksheets that you got in class Wednesday. Bring them to school Friday to earn your grade. 
  • Photography: Write a narrative that matches with the photo
  • Team Time: Complete the 3 Golden Compass worksheets 
  • Suspense Literature: Complete the grammar worksheet
  • Global Literature: Create a list of the top 10 most interesting things about China
  • Psychology: Complete the worksheets on Reasonable Responses


Option 2: Complete each of these assignments online and send your work via email or Google Docs. 

  • Photography:
    • Google Search ‘Mary Ellen Mark’ On a loose sheet of paper, record her date of birth, date of death, and 2-3 sentences on what makes her a well known photographer.

  • Team Time:
    • Make a list of 10 things you need to do in order to achieve your goals between now and the end of the year. 


  • Suspense Lit.
    • Reflect on how movies and books create a sense of suspense. Write a paragraph on your thoughts, along with examples from movies and books that you have seen? And answer this question: Why do we enjoy the feeling of being in suspense? 

  • Global Lit.
    • If you were forces to live in a different country for 3 months (anywhere but the US and Canada) where would it be? 
    • List the reasons you chose that place and do some research on it. Write a very brief history of this country, find out the population, and get to know the flag. 

  • Psych 101: 
    • Watch this Mindfulness youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inpok4MKVLM. Follow the instructions and try mindfulness for yourself. When you are done, write down 5 things you notice about your body and state of mind after the meditation. 






Blizzard Bag days will be announced when the weather forecast predicts a major storm. High school Blizzard Bag assignments are directly linked to the current classroom curriculum. This means assignments will only be posted online the day prior to an anticipated absence. Blizzard Bag assignments will be linked to course competencies.

All Blizzard Bag assignments are due within two school days of the day of the absence.

Late assignments will not be accepted after two school days. Students will receive a zero for assignments not submitted within two days of Blizzard Bag day. Please contact the Executive Director to appeal extenuating circumstances.


Blizzard Bag assignments will count as a formative assignment. Blizzard Bag day assignments will not be recorded as a test or a quiz.


Students who do not have access to the Internet must request hard copies of the Blizzard Bag assignments from their teachers.

Teachers will respond to all email within an hour during the school day. (Pending no emergencies) Please be reminded that the school day does end at 3:00 pm and that late email may not be replied to until the next day.


Student will receive real time corrections and instruction through Google Classroom/Drive.


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