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This is an introductory course in reading, writing, and grammar usage.

The course follows a daily structure that breaks up into a warm up review session of basic English mechanics, a reading session, and a writing response activity.  We will be using literature as medium, through which, we can explore political, civic, and philosophical topics.  In addition, the class will be collaborating with the Dartmouth English Department on a poetry unit.

Through this class, you should learn:

  • An understanding of fundamental comprehension techniques
  • The ability to use appropriate spelling, grammar, and usage mechanics
  • Genre appropriate vocabulary and comprehension
  • Proficiency with creative writing, as well as the ability to summarize, and analyze various works of reading and writing
  • A familiarity with various forms of poetry
  • An appreciation of the benefits of becoming a lifelong reader/writer.




Unit One: Sentence Writing

Unit Two: Paragraph Writing

Unit Three: Summarization

Unit Four: Essay Writing

Unit Five: Poetry

Unit Six: Narratives

Unit Seven: Expository Writing

Unit Eight: Persuasive Writing



  • Patrick Darley, LCS
  • (603) 727-4772 M-F 8am-4pm
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 English Literature and Composition Syllabus



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